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Hairclips/ Barrettes/Hairpins

We offer an extensive line of Barrettes - Hairclips - Hairpins 



Add Fashion Accessories to Your Inventory with our Hairpins, Hair Jewelry and More!





Bella Set of 6 Flower Barrettes P86175-1-0140-6

Dozen Pack Large Light Weight Plastic Barrettes for Thick Hair B3812-D

Bella Dozen Pack Crystal Barrettes Ribbon Hairbow Barrettes NF86012-NMB-D

Bella Dozen Pack Crystal Butterfly Barrettes, 12 Count, NF86012-FA3-D

Bella Dozen Pack Flower Snap Clip Barrettes P86175-1-D

Bella Dz Pk Large Barrettes 5A86800-1-D

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Hairpins, 4 ea of 3 Colors, 6 Pairs 5A86600-3-6pairs

Bella Dozen Pack, 12 Pieces Snap Clips 6 ea of 2 Colors, NF86600-3-6 pairs

Bella Set of 4 Flower Crystal Barrette YY86800-11-4

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Crystal Butterfly Snap Clip Barrettes 5A86450-1-6pairs

Bella Set of 6 Crystal Barrettes Medium Size 5A86550-1-6

Bella 6-Pack, 6 Crystal Barrettes, 2 ea 3 Styles NF86012-NM2BFA3-6

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Barrettes - Flower Barrettes 5A86650-16-D

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Barrettes in Vibrant Colors NF86500-8-D

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Ribbon and Bow Barrettes #5A86600-4-D

Bella Dozen Pack Flower Barrettes, 3 Each of 4 Colors NF86300-8-8

Bella Set of 3 Crystal Flower Barrettes for Women Girls YY86012-4-3

Bella Set of 6 Flower Barrettes 3 ea. of 2 Colors YY86800-8-6

Bella Set of 6 Flower Barrettes in 6 Lovely Colors YY86400-11-6

Bella Set of 6 Pairs Hairpins in Floral Design #5A86650-15-6pairs

Bella Dozen Pack Snap Clip Barrettes 2 ea 6 Colors, 6 Pairs RW86500-1-6pairs

Bella 4-Pack Large Gorgeous Barrettes for Thick Hair U86012-0014-4

Bella 8- Pack Snap Clip Barrettes Rhodium Plating U86250-2041-8

Bella 8-Pack Flower Barrettes U86250-1338-8

Bella 8-Pack Barrettes with Sparkling Stones U86250-1366-8

Bella 8-Pack Crystal Barrette on a Snap-On Clip U86420-2108-8

Bella Dozen Pack Oval Barrettes Sparkling Crystals from Rim to Rim YY86012-1-D

Bella Dozen Pack Rectangular Bar Barrettes Black/White Crystals NM86010-2-D

Bella dozen Pack Small Hair Clips Colorful Beads P863175-1-D-D

Bella Dozen Pack, 12 Crystal Medallion Barrettes LPW86250-1-D

Bella Dz Pack Butterfly Snap Clip Barrettes U86175-1747-6pr

Bella Set of 4 Crystal Flower Barrettes RW86012-5646-4

Bella Set of 8 - 8 Count - Crystal Flower Barrettes YY86900-2-8

Bella Set of 8 Small Flower Barrettes, 4 Pairs, NF86400-GL11-8

Bella Set of 2 Large Crystal Barrettes for Thick Hair OR86015-2-2

Bella dozen Pack Butterfly Clips Small Hair Clips P863175-2-0160-D

Bella Dozen Pack Flower Barrettes 3 ea of 4 Colors YY86750-3-D

Bella Set of 5 Crystal Ribbon Barrettes Dazzled w. Aurore Boreale Crystals RW6359-5

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Butterfly Barrette LPW86300-3-D

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Butterfly Barrettes LPW86300-2-D

Dozen Pack, 6 Pairs, 12 Units Crystal Barrettes GL86650-GL22-D

Bella Dozen Pack Crystal Butterfly Barrettes #YY86800-6-D

Bella Dozen Pack - 12 Large Peacock Barrettes OD86800-5899-D

Bella Dozen Pack Crystal Barrettes Sparkled with Aurore Boreale Crystals YY86400-1-D

Bella Dozen Pack, 12 Units, Flower Barrettes 2 ea 6 Lovely Colors GL86400-10-D

Bella Dozen Pack Flower Barrettes 2 ea of 6 Lovely Colors YY86400-12-D

Bella Dozen Pack Flower Barrettes 3 ea of 3 Vibrant Colors YY86750-6-D

Bella 5-Pack Crystal Hair Holder Barrettes YY86900-5-5

7-Pack Crystal Hair Holder Barrettes YY86900-4-7

Bella 9-Pack Gorgeous Butterfly Barrette U86800-0053-9

Bella Set of 9 Crystal Barrettes for Women Girls 1 Ea. of 9 Colors 5A86600-1-9

Bella Dozen Pack 12 Crystal Barrettes 5 Colors U86010-0004-D

Bella Dozen Pack Crystal Barrettes with Catseyes #NM86010-1-10

Bella Dozen-Pack Gorgeous Barrettes Colorful Beads Crystals U86012-0052-D

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