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We have been in fashion jewelry business for more than 21 years. During this time, we constantly strive to bring to you, our valued customers, the best quality, latest styles, and best prices. We travel to far corners of the world seeking out the unique styles, best price, and quality to satisfy your needs.

We listen to your needs. Out of the desire to bring a hair styler that is easy to use to make updos for ladies of all ages, we invented Twist 'n' Twirl, and are the proud owner of its patent #5456270. We often hear ladies with thick hair complaining not being able to find a hair device to hold all their thick hair together. Wanting to come up with something to ease their frustration, we come up with a hair holder for ladies with thick hair. In fact, this hair holder can be used for thick or thin hair. Please visit the categories of Twist 'n' Twirl and Bella Fashion Hair Tie at our websites.

One of our business goals is to bring affordable fashion jewelry to most people, not only to the very rich. To reach that goal, we operate at very slim margin, and pass our savings to our customers in the form of everyday discounts.

Our philosophy of work is: do the best we can, treat people with honesty and fairness; and in return, we will gain our customers' confidence and we will grow sales.

We involve ourselves totally in our work. Every sale is like a testimonial that we are bringing something of value to the market. Every expression of satisfaction of our products from our customers, be it a phone call, or an email, is like a prized gift to us.

We take care of our customers. We see to it that every order is packed with care and shipped on time. We take care of your complaints. If you are displeased with our products in any way, we will either refund your money or ship you a replacement. We are accessible. You can call us at 510-887-8188 or email to us either at, or

We at Bella Fashion Jewelry Inc. operate under two websites: is a wholesale site which is open to the public with a $30 minimum order requirement, $60 or more orders get free shipping; is a retail site with no minimm order requirement, and offers free shipping on orders of $30 or more.

It has given us much pleasure helping our customers find pretty fashion jewelry at affordable prices. We will continue this effort, and try our best to add joy to your life through Bella products.

Yours Sincerely,

Hilda and T. K.

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