Bella Dozen Pack, 12 Crystal Medallion Barrettes Thin Hair Women Young Girls LPW86250-1-D

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Sale price$23.99 Regular price$36.00


Dozen pack, 12 crystal medallion barrettes, adorned with flowers and crystals in 6 festive colors, size is 1 3/8" round. Snap clip for thin hair women, or for young girls. Each barrette is individually carded, ready for gift or for resale.

Color combination is 2 each of 6 colors.

Suggested retail price at $9.99 for a pair.

Dozen pack, 12 units, 6 pairs, is offered at deeply discounted  wholesale price of $23.99, unit pair cost is $4 for a pair.  When your order total at $200, you will get an additional 10% discount, sending unit cost down to $3.60 for a pair.


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